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Navigating from client relationship-building to mastering ecommerce, I’ve been riding the digital marketing tidal wave for the past decade. It’s a thrilling journey, especially when I’m hitting those KPIs right on the mark.

Hello, I'm Itay Segal - Unleashing Digital Potential, One Click at a Time

Having spent over a decade in digital marketing, I’ve seen the field grow and transform in fascinating ways. I’ve evolved too, from managing client relationships to mastering the intricacies of ecommerce. With a passion for constant learning and a strong professional foundation, I’ve built a career on delivering precise, effective results.

My experiences include hands-on PPC, crafting digital strategies, and developing custom marketing dashboards using advanced AI. And the thrill of it all? Surpassing those KPIs and helping businesses succeed in the digital world.


Ecommerce & PPC

Over six years in ecommerce and four in PPC, I’ve spearheaded campaigns and supervised agencies. My specialty lies in identifying funnel weaknesses and enhancing conversion rates through strategic precision.

Website Development

From diligent self-study, I’ve honed skills in HTML, CSS, and WordPress, delivering websites with a focus on user experience and optimized conversion paths. My digital marketing background ensures each design meets strategic objectives.

Funnel Analytics

Expertly configuring GTM and GA4, I extract and interpret essential metrics for precise campaign analyses. My proficiency extends to setting up custom Looker dashboards, ensuring clear visualization of marketing funnels and highlighting critical conversion touchpoints.



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